1A1R 125x2.0x8/20x22,23 PRO Gres

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2 in 1 Cutting/grinding disc for all types of tiles. Cut and sand with one tool! When working on ceramic tiles, porcelain, stoneware, you often need to move quickly from cutting to grinding. Changing discs from cutting to grinding and vice versa is time-consuming and using an additional angle grinder is inconvenient. Having a tool with two functions in one is a great solution! The 1A1R PRO Gres diamond disc has a wide 20 mm diamond layer on the front side. In addition to cutting, the wide layer allows you to efficiently grind the back of the tiles, sand unevenness and perform curved cutting. The disc is particularly effective when cutting tiles at a 45-degree angle and when grinding sharp edges. The diamond layer additionally abrades the edge after cutting, creating a clean surface. The disc works perfectly in combination with the angle grinder attachment for cutting at 45 degrees. SLIDER 45 MECHANIC.Outer diameter 125 mm, inner hole 22,2 mm. For use with angle grinder 125, without cooling

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23.44 € VAT Included

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  • Disc diameter, mm
  • Cut thickness, mm
  • Disc inner diameter
  • Use dry / with water
  • Suitable for cutting

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Manufacturer: SVP T-noVa
Disc diameter, mm: 125
Cut thickness, mm: 2,0
Disc inner diameter: 22
Use dry / with water: Dry
Suitable for cutting: Tiles

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