FPF-ST 4,0x70

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The Fischer POWER FAST wood screwdriver is ETA-certified and PREMIUM QUALITY marked to ensure safe and high-quality work. These wood screws have a tapered head with auxiliary overhanging milling strips which make it easier to turn the head into the wood. Yellow, galvanised, incomplete double thread with additional milling cutters at the beginning of the thread for faster and cleaner work. Screws are turned with a TORX tip.

6.00 € 6.0 EUR 6.00 € VAT Included

6.00 € VAT Included

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(6.00 € / pak200)
  • Manufacturer
  • Screwdriver head type
  • Nozzle size
  • Fastener head shape
  • Fastener length, mm
  • Fasteners metal type
  • Purpose of the fastener
  • Purpose of the fastener
  • Fastener diameter, mm
  • Fastener type
  • Units per pack, pcs.

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Manufacturer: Fischer
Screwdriver head type: TX
Nozzle size: TX20
Fastener head shape: Tapered/recessed
Fastener length, mm: 70
Fasteners metal type: Yellow galvanised
Purpose of the fastener: Wood, Wood products
Fastener diameter, mm: 4
Fastener type: Wood screw
Units per pack, pcs.: 200

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