50cm Massive Mouth Bag ToughBuilt®

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The ToughBuilt® 50 cm Massive Mouth™ Bag transforms how professionals carry tools and supplies. The patent pending opening is wider than anything on the market for superior accessibility.

The unique octagonal shape with rigid plastic HardBody lining protects everything inside and keeps its shape. Comes with a lockable zipper for security and safety. Its 51 versatile pockets and loops include structured external pockets that flex to securely hold tools in place and fit ToughBuilt Notebooks, and durable zippered mesh pockets for visibility. Made with high-quality, rugged materials and heavy-duty rivet reinforcement, this hard-working bag keeps up with the professional’s rigorous demands.

• Massive Mouth™ opening: wider than anything on the market for superior accessibility
• Rigid plastic HardBody lining protects everything inside
• Notebook pocket
• Lockable zipper for added security & safety
• Durable Mesh Pockets
provide complete visibility for stored items
• Structured plastic-lined external pockets
• Rugged Rubber Feet
• Heavy-duty construction
• 51 pockets and loops

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