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Abrasive stone for "opening" a diamond disc

Disc for renewing the sharpness of the blade, any diamond disc can be "opened"
and lose its cutting properties. This happens particularly often when cutting hard
materials such as porcelain stoneware, marble, non-abrasive
ceramics, etc. Diamonds fall out and new ones don't open, due to the cutting process
material does not have enough abrasive, then the blade burns and does not cut. There is a risk
damage to your blade. The disc needs to be sharpened. Sharpening means multiple cuts
on abrasive material
MECHANIC ABRASIVE stone sharpens diamond discs perfectly. It correctly
combines the size and strength of the abrasive grains, specially selected
for opening diamond tools. To do this, it is necessary to perform
several longitudinal cuts with a blunt diamond layer. With an angle grinder we
make cuts up to 5 mm deep. For tile cutters, we use blades up to 10 mm deep.
It is recommended to open the discs for ceramics on the light side of the bar,
for granite, marble on the dark side. On average, 10-15 cuts are required, and
your blade is sharp again.
The size of the abrasive belt is 250 * 50 * 25 mm. For bevel cutting
grinders, it is recommended to clamp the tape with a clamp.

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