AUGER DRILL 8.0X323/400 X 6.8

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Long wood drills IRWIN Auger for a clean hole. Easy and quick drilling is ensured due to the special construction of the drill. Solid steel ensures longevity and accurate holes.

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19.87 € VAT Included

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  • Manufacturer
  • Diameter, mm
  • Working Length, mm
  • Overall length, mm
  • Stem type
  • Solid wood
  • Laminated wood panels
  • Wood panels
  • Softwood

This combination does not exist.

Manufacturer: IRWIN
Diameter, mm: 8
Working Length, mm: 323
Overall length, mm: 400
Stem type: HEX
Solid wood: 3s
Laminated wood panels: 1s
Wood panels: 1s
Softwood: 3s

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