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Plasterboard pin DUOTEC. It is a member of the DUOPOWER family, also made
based on 2K technology. The structure of this dowel consists of nylon and glass
fibre. This pin is designed for installation behind various boards: plasterboard,
OSB, MPD, MDF, wooden panels, steel panels, plastic boards. Also,
can be used for solid materials as a simple expansion pin, for example,
concrete or wood. This pin is easy to install, has a single diameter of 10
mm, has a clamping track which allows adjustment to the required
The clamping distance can be adjusted to the required distance, for example single, double, triple plasterboard,
panels with glued trim, etc. Distance track length: 100 mm.
Pin length: 40 mm. Length of sliding clamp: 10 mm. Pin
Diameter: 10 mm.

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10.80 € VAT Included

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Manufacturer: Fischer
Fastener diameter, mm: 10
Fastener length, mm: 200
Bortel: With kerb
Purpose of the fastener: Plasterboard panels
Fastener type: Pin with screw

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